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The SMART Method

Accent Training Resources (ATR) offers individualized trainings conducted by an expert speech language pathologist certified in accent modification training using the SMART method.

This training is ideal for enthusiastic individuals who are proficient in the English language but are still hampered by the inability to clearly speak English.

In the individualized classes at ATR:

  • You will be learning new speech habits.
  • You will learn some critical strategies to help you with the English you use every day.
  • You will not lose every aspect of your foreign accent however; you will learn to pronounce your words and sentences with clear articulation and the correct rhythm, stress and intonation.
  • Your English will take on a new “clarity.” There will be fewer looks of confusion from your listeners and fewer requests to repeat what you have said.

Noticeable improvement can be achieved in as little as fourteen weeks (comparable to a college semester).